Pyracantha in Autumn



No news today about any signings I’m afraid because it’s all taking a very long time but as soon as I have news I will put it up, in the meantime I thought you might enjoy a touch of flamboyant Autumn colour.

This pyracantha was planted by my old darling when we first moved in to the house to provide food for the birds in the winter, which it now does in lavish quantities. Over the years it has become rather an impressive tree and Lottie and I are fond of it because it has also provided a secure and hidden place for a pair of willow warblers to nest in, which they’ve done for the past three years. They are very shy birds and need the cover.


Earlier in the year we were dazzled by our cherry tree, which inspired me to poetry, sorry about that folks, but I get inspired to poetry by all sorts of things, some of them more or less suitable, some wildly inappropriate and when I can find a cap that fits I like to wear it.

Here is this particular cap with love to my particular cherry tree:

Cherry in November

Gloriously, the lovely cherry
Warms our chilly autumn day,
Waving flags of celebration,
Gold in the November grey.

Shouts her challenge, loud and heady,
Down with death, with woes, with fears,
Till she stands bereft and slender
In a pool of golden tears.

She, who in the frost of Easter,
Wore a cap of fragile lace,
Soft and white and soon to tatter,
Absolutely out of place.

Singing to us in the garden,
Death is conquered. Do not fear.
Young and feminine and tender,
Love’s reminder every year.

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