I was born in Tooting and was eight when war began. I was evacuated twice, the first time to Felpham near Bognor Regis. I didn’t last long there because, like many evacuees, I went back to London in August 1940, just in time for the start of the London Blitz. My timing has always been superlative! When my street was bombed, and the house was uninhabitable, I was evacuated again this time to Harpenden. They were chaotic times. I went to a total of ten different schools, all of which taught me something different – although they didn’t always intend to. I finished up at KCL and in 1952 to become a teacher which I enjoyed very much. Working with kids is always a revelation and an adventure.

In 1985 my first book was published and became a best-seller, so I said goodbye to teaching and became a full time writer, which I have been ever since. I’ve always found things to inspire me, conversations, newspapers, pictures, books, anything that makes me ask questions.

My latest published book is called The Great I Am and tells the story of a politician who tells lies. The next book is being prepared for the printers. I don’t do idleness very well!

I have a large family, three children, five grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren and love them all to bits!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Beryl, just finished reading London Pride and loved it. My Mums family all came from Greenwich and I spent all my school holidays there with my Nan and Grandad in Banning Street so was lovely to read about it and have heard the war stories from them many times.


  2. Hello Beryl, I love your books! You were my English teacher at Sydenham Girls school many years ago in the early ‘70’s and when I read the dialogue I can almost hear your voice.


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