Everybody’s Somebody is out to keep Citizen Armies company!

I wish I could tell you what the companion pair would cost and whereabouts in my particular area they could be found but the publishers of Citizen Armies seem to be having considerable difficulties getting the book in two of the big distributors Gardners and Bertrams, so I can’t say anything yet until it’s sorted out. It’s demoralising.

I will get back to you in another blog as soon as it’s been settled and am pushing the publisher for information, because I would like to persuade local stores to sell them and allow me to come in and sign them for my friends and fans.

In the meantime they can both be purchased on Kindle. Heygates bookshop in Bognor has very kindly agreed to host an event and I’m gearing up to nag Endeavour to take action to make the event possible by providing the books.

With luck, I’ll be back!


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