Bit of fun for Remainers

If you are a Brexiteer give this one a miss, you will hate it if you read it. I’ve had quite enough hatred directed my way from rabid Brexiteers ever since that dishonest referendum that I really don’t want any more of it. The first belly-full incidentally came a few days after the referendum result when a young man I followed because he was a trustee of the Blake Society and I assumed he would be a good egg, was braying in triumph because the leavers had won. He said that it was the ‘most powerful election result ever’. I had the temerity to point out that there had been another and much more influential election result in 1945 which had led to the formation of the National Health Service and our welfare state, but he then got back to quote figures to prove how much better his result was and to say ‘we won, get over it’, which has since become the slogan of the rabid Brexiteer, to such an extent that a lot of us feel we have no right to any opinion at all.



So for Remainers who have been told that they ‘lost’ and that was the ‘end of it’ and that we should ‘shut up and accept it’ here is a bit of fun to cheer us all up. It was put up on Twitter yesterday and is a splendid pastiche of the Lord’s Prayer. It made me laugh out loud, so I wrote to the writer and asked if I could use it on my blog and here it is with thanks and credit to @CyberHibby:

The Brexiteers Prayer

Our Farage, who art in tax havens
Criminality be thy game
Thy Brexit come
Thy will be fucked
From Land’s End to John O’Groats
Give us this day our Daily Express
And forgive us our ex-pats
As we condemn those who trespass against us
And lead us not into expert advice;
But deliver us from the unelected EU
For thine is the (Dis)United Kingdom
The corruption and xenophobia
Unlikely to be forever
A mentalist.

Have fun with this all you sturdy Remainers and take heart. I think if we had a second referendum now, a lot more people would vote to remain than to leave. We are a more knowledgeable electorate especially after the ‘Yellow Hammer’ has sung. There is a general election coming. And there’s a hell of a difference between our lovely, intelligent William Beveridge, who spelled out the way our NHS could be founded and run, and our present non-elected PM.


2 thoughts on “Bit of fun for Remainers

  1. Never forget that red bus! Thank you for the reminder.
    On Wednesdays, we go on an organised Healthy Walk from our (NHS) Medical Centre. Just the thing for us Oldies. My companion and friend is a Tory, and since we both feel that discussion beats arguing (well, mostly) we talk about anything and everything, and don’t keep off the subject of Brexit, either. Sooner or later, we shall all have to exchange views, agree to differ and get along again, I suppose. But just now, the divisions (and rancour – although not amongst us walkers, I must say) seem awful. I do not know what the solution will be – does anybody? – but I do know anyone who defies the Rule of Law is Bad News for us all.


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