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Stop press – Cat fights back

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. Dixie is extremely annoyed and wants you to know that he does not approve of painters and decorators. They’re alright in their way but not when they get in his way.

Over the last three weeks I’ve had my grandson-in-law in the house painting the bedrooms and very beautiful they look now that it’s all finished. But Dixie does not approve, because one of the first rooms to be painted was ‘our’ bedroom, which meant, shock horror, that he had to sleep with me, in a completely different bed, in a completely different room. He was not pleased and told our painter how displeased he was, fluffing his long coat up to make himself look as fat and threatening as he could and shouting at him very loudly so that there was no mistake at all about his displeasure. Tom tried to explain and held out a placatory hand, but once a cat has taken umbrage he can and does ignore all peace overtures.

Since then, as you can see he has kept a very close feline eye on all activities in every part of the house. None of us have been left under any pretense, that in this house cats rule.

Yesterday evening to his total satisfaction we returned to our original and proper sleeping quarters. It took him a little while to settle in because he had to run all over the duvet cover and the pillow cases with his muddy paws to establish ownership. But he did settle eventually – on my head – as usual, where he spent the first twenty minutes of the night tread-milling my hair.

And now that everything has been restored to order, he can graciously condescend to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as I do.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

as the song goes. It’s partly because Charlotte and I are putting up Christmas trees – of which more later – but mostly because the Christmas cards are beginning to arrive with news and greetings from friends and family from all over the place. I am touched by how many follow this blog, so I’m going to start it by saying a special ‘hello’ to all of them and reassure them that I’m writing my cards – although very slowly – and they’re on their way.

We’ve got two Christmas trees this year. One in the window-seat in the living room as usual although we haven’t put the presents round it yet, so it looks a bit lonely and another much larger one in the conservatory xmastree2018where we’re going to have a family meal. The one in the window is rather a cutie, especially at night when it’s all lit up, but this year I’m sorry to say it suffered somewhat from Dixie’s attention. It had only been up a matter of days when he decided to climb the thing and bring down two of the robins that were perched there. Unfortunately he brought down the tree and the lights as well. It was almost a repeat performance of the curtain demolition! There was a lot of yelling, although I have to admit I don’t yell as loudly as I used to which is perhaps one good result of the state I’m in now.

It’s been a treat to shop for presents, especially for the little-uns and to see what extraordinary things are on offer for kids nowadays. It makes my head spin! But the season is such a break from a year that’s ended with rather more difficulty than I expected. In the new year I shall have to get on with book 31 but for the moment I’m just going to enjoy my life and the company I’m in.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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