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Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Pre-chewed mouse anyone? Breast of pigeon? A fine fat pair of partly-eaten house sparrows? You name your delicacy, he’ll supply it.

This cat has the answer to most things, if not quite what you would expect. Allow me to introduce this very special feline, whose autobiography is out now.

Given the nature of cats, I feel I’m being particularly daring to tackle getting inside the head of this one, but it’s a handsome head and it’s thought patterns are entirely logical if not always effective.

Come with me all you cat lovers, I think you’ll like it in here.

As an entirely practical footnote, I think it might make a welcome Christmas present to any cat lovers of your acquaintance and of course if you’re a cat lover yourself, you might like to treat yourself to a copy too!

Dixie has given it the paw of recommendation. Have fun. You can get your copy here if you like.

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Two very different images

about the same person. The first one suggested by a literary group called WordPress, the second written by a medical professional in hospital about one the patients.

Fasten your seatbelts, here is the first.

And here is the second.

Unless you were that person you wouldn’t recognise yourself in the second one. But I AM that person, as I’m sure you’ve guessed and I don’t.

I’ve put it all up here as food for thought, so would welcome your thoughts.

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Not quite what we thought.

My back garden can be quite beautiful at times, in fact I might almost say, very beautiful. But one or two things in it have a warped sense of humour.

Take the two huge trees, the first one was given to us by my sister as a little potted plant, ‘it’s a tulip tree,’ she said, ‘so it probably won’t grow much bigger than this, tulips aren’t very tall are they?’. We have discovered as the years went by that a tulip tree isn’t just tall, it’s huge! We found one in the gardens of a stately home which was over a hundred years old and fully mature, it would have taken about eight people to form a circle around it to give it a hug. Roy and I patted it and went onto something else feeling a bit stunned.

The second huge tree started life in a small pot as a Christmas tree. Roy bought it home for us after a hectic run up to Christmas, saying he thought it was a Christmas tree but he wasn’t sure. But it did very good service over the Christmas period and then he planted it in the rockery (where else), like the tulip tree our Christmas tree is over 30 feet tall and homes two rather gorgeous woodpeckers and several, tiny, goldcrests.

There are always compensations.

And curiosities.

The sister who gave us the tulip tree, now has a special pet in our garden, she’s been feeding him and calling to him for quite a long while. And now, although he’s a seagull and basically a wild creature, he is extremely tame, pecking at the windows to call our attention to the fact that he’s starving and if the conservatory doors are open and we’re being a bit slow to respond, walking into the house to remind us of our duties!

We’ve never had a pet seagull before and we find it wildly funny! Dixie is NOT impressed and has chased it off the premises on several occasions.

‘All things bright and beautiful!’

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Humpty Bo-Jo sat on a wall

Humpty Bo-Jo had a great fall. But not unfortunately far enough, because he only intends to resign as the leader of the Conservative Party and if he gets his own way, will go on being the Prime Minister with all the difficulties to the rest of us that that incurs.

Oh, if only he could have a great fall.

What a relief that would be to all of us.

We selected these pictures as representative of certain aspects of the repellent creatures character, playing the fool to attract attention and admiration, it only worked on the very gullible, even back then. The bus to remind us what a powerful and incessant liar he is and how easily people are fooled by the lies. The third is with his mouth open, either yelling or yawning. But the fourth one reveals a very small brain totally baffled and is the most telling we could find.

I hope more and more tory MPs of all kinds will see what way the wind is blowing and resign. The longer this appalling saga is allowed to drag on, the more damage Blow-Job Bo-Jo will contrive to do.

I hope people everywhere in this country will push and push in every direction they know to get him out.

As Oliver Cromwell said when he stormed the House of Commons, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing… In the name of God, go!”

“All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” And by then they had discovered that he was just a rotten egg.

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