Book 31 has snuck up on us!

When Lottie and I finished book thirty and had collapsed exhausted on our chaise lounge we both knew that we needed a rest and that it was a very well deserved one. Cue for final curtain.

But we were wrong. I have always kept a list of ideas for books that I might write and in a moment of peculiar foolishness I opened it up to see what sort of thing I might like to write next. And without any warning at all one of the small synopses leapt off the page and grabbed me by the throat! Lottie and I have been working on it all morning, with our fingers crossed that this one won’t take 2 and a half years!

Between us we have now planned the first six chapters, found a stroppy kid, an eccentric grandma, and discovered a lot of useful photographs and a list of places we would like to visit God willing. Some of them are fairly local to us but one is probably somewhere in Australia which doesn’t seem quite so likely as Dorset!

And in addition to that we’ve gathered a lot of snippets that have tempted us, like the decapitated heads decorated London Bridge in the 17th Century and earlier. Oh we like being gruesome! We’ve also explored schools and hospitals and considered a castle and the opening and closing sections are both very clear in my mind. It’s nice to know where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

I think it’s going to be rather fun!

All I need is another two and a half years!

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