Baby fish to delight you

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Great surprise this afternoon when Mary and I went out to feed the fish. As we watched the big fellers sucking the food into their mouths, as if they hadn’t been fed for weeks, we suddenly saw that there were dozens of small fry emerging from the weed at the deep centre of the pond. Not just one or two either. I’ve seen baby fish darting out of the depths in small numbers on many occasions. But this time it was an event. This time they appeared, three, four, ten at a time. They were darting about so quickly and, being baby fish, they were either black or very dark grey brown, so it was impossible to count them but at a guess we must have seen somewhere between twenty and thirty of them. We could hardly believe it and stood beside the pond together squealing as we saw more and more. The old inhabitants just went on gobbling up their food as they usually do and paid no attention to them – fish are careless parents – but we were entranced.

So Mary took pictures and sent them to Charlotte and here they are to entertain you. The three on their own in the first picture are fairly easy to see but you’ll need good eyesight to spot them in the other pictures, especially the one where they’re swimming among the big fish. It made the perfect end to a wonderfully hot day. Enjoy.S

3 thoughts on “Baby fish to delight you

  1. What lovely bright colours they are! Does your cat – ahem! – like them (not too much, I hope). Ours used to sit and contemplate the (well-covered) pond for absolute ages! We used to say he’d ‘gone fishing.’

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