A sad, unexpected anniversary

I opened my WordPress this morning and found much to my surprise that somebody had already visited it earlier in the morning and that the two blogs they’d been interested in was a very old one called ‘Who remembers Violet Elizabeth Bott?’ which has been visited steadily by one person ever since I put it up, but the second one was different, this was called ‘Word of warning about Blake’s Cottage’, and it has been around for exactly four years. So I opened it up to see what it was about it was about this particular blog that was interesting my singular visitor at this late stage.

It made very sad reading because it was an account of a message that had been sent by the Blake Cottage Trust to the members of the Felpham Village Conservation Society (FVCS). It turned out to be an invitation to the members of that society to come to a meeting in the Memorial Hall, to listen to Stuart Cade the architect who was in charge of the restoration of the cottage, I kid you not.

It is upsetting to see that despite all the grand talk and the costly architectural designs, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING came of that meeting. In fact I don’t suppose any one in the FVCS can even remember it, although I did hear a rumour that a small group of members had been formed whose purpose it was to visit the cottage at regular intervals and report on its condition. I have no idea whether anybody ever did such a thing and I can’t tell you what sort of state the interior of the cottage is in now, although people passing it by can see from the outside that it is in very poor repair indeed. And STILL nothing is being done about it. It makes me despair.

Anyway, I have put a link to this four year old blog below. I suppose I have just a hope that someone will see both blogs and take up the cudgels on behalf of our poor old historical cottage, perhaps someone who belongs to the FVCS and believes their motto ‘Preserve, Protect, Promote’. I am too old to fight now, I’m sorry to say and I don’t have the strength or the energy.

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