A very public spat!

And highly unedifying. But it has to be admitted that Dominic Cummings has spilled a few very troublesome beans, which gave Thursday’s Guardian four telling and truthful headlines.

‘Tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die.’

Cummings on Hancock: ‘He lied to everyone on multiple occasions.’

On Johnson as Prime Minister: ‘I regarded him as unfit for the job.’

On Covid: ‘When the public needed us most the government failed.’

All of this is ugly but most people would recognise it as the truth, especially the twenty million who have watched Peter Stefanovic’s video in which he detailed some of Johnson’s endless and dangerous lies. When he first put it up he challenged BBC TV to feature it on one of their news items, pointing out that if the media wouldn’t reveal what was going on, then we would have to do it for them. And there are now well over twenty million of us and the number grows daily.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has tried to explain to us that he has to rebuke MPs if they call out another MP as a liar. Even when he’s plainly lying through his teeth. This is because the rulebook states that no honourable gentlemen in the House can be accused of being a liar because honourable gentlemen are incapable of telling lies.

It has to be said and said loudly, that rulebook is now long out of date and there are a lot of people who are now prepared to stand up and say so.

I put this tweet up on Twitter yesterday and it was retweeted and retweeted and retweeted.

High time the Commons Speaker took a long look at his rule book. It is no longer accurate to say that honourable gentlemen cannot call other MPs liars, because they are gentlemen & therefore incapable of telling lies. The evidence against this is screaming at us.

Of course, for the sake of balance, we should remember that Thursday’s truth teller was the same man who was the Leave campaign director, working alongside Johnson, Michael Gove, Farage and money man Arron Banks. And that campaign, as most people now know, was based and won by those two monstrous lies on that red bus.

All these fellers lie like troopers to get their own way. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will there be an inquiry? A new election? Or will they simply offer Hancock up as the sacrificial lamb to please the electorate and then just get on with their lives as usual, lies and all?

Watch this space as we used to say.

4 thoughts on “A very public spat!

  1. Hancock continued to lie the very next day. ‘Tens of thousands were being vaccinated daily in the Indian Variant hotspot of Bolton.’ Population 300,000 and the Government’s own stats stated that no mroe than 3,000 had been vaccinated in that area on any day up to that point. leopards and spots, eh?


  2. I think Cummings is not actually a member of the Tory Party (?), so in that sense cannot be ‘thrown out.’. Wondering how long it will be before Hancock is? Perhaps not just yet, or it might look like a measure of agreement with the former advisor….

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