What do you know about Portcullis House?

I promised you a fun blog today called ‘A new love affair’ and had got it more than half planned but for reasons which will become clear when I do put it up, I couldn’t go ahead with it at this moment, so I’m offering this blog in lieu.

So, what do you know about Portcullis House? If you’re like me, not very much. But I’ve been finding out, because it’s one of the settings of the novel I’m currently writing and I thought it might interest you too.

The House is a sumptuous extension of the House of Commons. Elegant, beautiful and massively expensive. The trees in that picture for example, are rented Fig trees which have cost over £400,000 to date.

There is a passage between the House of Commons and the new building which links with the new underground railway station of the Jubilee Line and at the end of the passage there are two escalators down and up leading straight in to the central atrium where the fig trees are. We found a plan of it which I found very interesting for it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, has a library, a post office with cash machines and one corner given over to a well planned and fully equipped set of toilets. All very mod-con and all very luxurious.

The general public have a limited entry to this place if they know where to find it, but it is basically a massive headquarters for MPs. It made me wonder why any of them would been considering shifting the House of Commons to a position in the North, especially as the original planners of this building have made provision for a new House of Commons right here among the Fig trees and the restaurants.

I would be very interested to know if anyone who follows my blog, has been able to visit it. And if they have, what they thought of it. I find it fascinating even in pictures and plans, and intend to use it as a setting for some of the incidents in the book I’m currently writing, which is why Lottie and I first started researching it.


5 thoughts on “What do you know about Portcullis House?

  1. Goodness gracious! Hope the cleaning staff get the living wage. I think I remember Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writing an article years ago, probably in the Guardian or Independent when the building was new-ish. Much love, Beryl.

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  2. I have been down the passageway! When Grandchildren were at The Leas Nursery in the House of Commons, we assembled in Portcullis House, in that very foyer, and were led along the passageway until we came to the chapel, in the Undercroft of the House of Commons,, where they had their Carol Service. So there!


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