Cui Bono

Pardon my Latin but it’s the most succinct way I know to put our current political problem into words.  They were originally written by Cicero, who was a famous Roman orator, and whom I read and agreed with when I was studying Latin in the Sixth form.  And he was quoting the words of another famous Roman called Cassius who was a judge and a wise one. When trying a case, he never failed to enquire, cui bono or WHO STANDS TO GAIN? explaining that ‘Man’s character is such that no one undertakes crimes without hope of gain.’ So what I want to ask here is ‘Who stands to gain from leaving Europe?’ So many things are being said about Brexit and passions are running very high and very ugly but nobody is talking about the real reason behind the drive to get us out of Europe. And it is there, if we know where to look for it. The Guardian published it but I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Well there’s a surprise! So here it is.

”EU Finance ministers are battling over a controversial proposal to slap a European Tax on US tech giants like Facebook and Google.” The EU – no less – preparing to take on the mega-rich boys who don’t pay tax. I can hear the howls of anguish. And it doesn’t stop there. According to a report  from Petr Jezek MEP,  seven EU countries – Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and The Netherlands  – have been labelled as tax havens, in an EU Parliament report. It is just possible that the mega rich who thought they were so snug and safe in their well-hidden tax havens are going to be winkled out and made to cough up the taxes they owe. And about time too.

So let’s have a look at some of our mega-rich and especially the ones who have pushed Brexit so strongly and incessantly and told so many disgraceful lies to get what they want.


Jacob Rees Mogg is probably the loudest and most noticeable at the moment. He has made £7 million since Brexit and is desperate to avoid the 2019 EU Tax avoidance clampdown. Educated at Eton and Trinity College Oxford. Co-founded a Hedge Fund management business called Somerset Capital Management LLP. His estimated net worth in 2016 was around £55 million (or, if we include his wife’s prospects) £150 million. Wants to be PM





Jeremy Hunt has a net worth of £14 million and was educated at Charter House, Oxford. Another man who clowns to get out of trouble , like his great friend, Boris Johnson





Boris Johnson has a net worth of £1.5 million and was one of the biggest liars in the Brexit campaign. Remember his promise on the big red bus?  He was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford. Plays the clown to avoid getting into trouble. Very ambitious. Wants to be PM





Nigel Farage, the big mouthed white chief of Brexit, now starting a new party with backing from rich friends like Aaron Banks and encouragement and air time from his friends at the Daily Mail and the BBC. Has a net worth of £2.4 million. Went to Dulwich College. Great friend and admirer of Donald Trump. Need I say more?

Arron Banks the mystery man behind the Brexit campaign, pictured here clowning with a ham roll. Excessively wealthy.


And the list goes on. Everywhere you look there are men and women who stand to gain from not paying any of the taxes they owe. And there are milllionaire companies set up everywhere to help them to do it.

And here’s a final titbit. An anonymous employee of BAE Systems – 2016 revenue £16.82 billion, Defence, Security and Aerospace Company – admits that his company does 95% of Saudia Arabia’s work in the Yemen. And guess who is on the board. Why none other than Mr Theresa May. Oh they’re all in it together.

If only the EU could put a spoke in their wheels and we could be in the EU to help them to do it.

Always ask cui bono.


3 thoughts on “Cui Bono

  1. Whatever happened to real politicians that were here to serve their country and wanted to put back!!
    When I was young I knew every politician and their position in government today they are here today and gone tomorrow ,so no continuity and I am sorry to say not a care. I just wish everyone would take stock and realise what terrible damage has been done and is being done. Our Country will suffer the consequences for years to come!


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