Action on Blake’s cottage at last!

Yesterday I had a welcome message from a reporter who is currently writing an article on Blake’s Cottage for the Sunday Times. He told me that English Heritage will be coming down to Felpham to take a look at Blake’s Cottage next month and will presumably meet one or all three of the triumvirate at the same time. When I contacted English Heritage some weeks ago and discovered that the cottage was not on their Historical Buildings at risk register and that they hadn’t had any communication about it from the Blake Cottage Trust, my heart sank. But now – hooray -English Heritage have contacted the BCT themselves and things are moving and the plea in our Product Recall poster is finally being answered.

Now is obviously the time for me to gather up all the signed petition forms from Felpham cafes, pubs and shops and put them together with the signatures I’ve collected online and present the whole thing at the same time to whoever it is turns up to meet with the representatives from English Heritage.

I’ve been in a care home, being looked after for the last fortnight, but I shall be back home and in action on Friday.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet and would like to, could you please either hunt a copy down in Felpham or sign on the internet, the more voices that are raised now, the better.

I will keep you up to date, as and when I hear more. Bring us our bows of burning gold.

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