Blake’s Cottage – lots of action now

This time I’ve got really good news for you. The parlous state of Blake’s Cottage has now been the subject of an excellent article in the Times yesterday. Well worth a look.

And as a result of that I had a phone call from ITV to see if I would agree to being interviewed for last night’s News at Ten, which of course I would and did. The news about the cottage is now national. And millions all over the country have seen for themselves what a state this national treasure has been allowed to get in and even better have heard Mr Peter Johns, one of the three members of the Blake Cottage Trust, admit publicly that the BCT hasn’t any money for repairs at all, which is just what I’ve been saying all along. And as the icing on a cake, Historic England are sending one of their inspectors to Felpham tomorrow at 10.30am to take a good look at the cottage and advise the BCT on what they should be doing.

I shall be in Felpham today collecting up the last of the local petition forms which I shall present to Tim Heath or whichever of his colleagues he appoints to represent him when he emerges from the cottage at midday. I would appreciate company if anyone in Felpham is around and able to give it.

The 38 degrees petition about the cottage will stay online until into the new year, so if you have now seen the inside of the cottage and heard what was said on that broadcast and wish to add your voices, please do it as soon as you can. This is the link:

Thank you for all you’ve done. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate it. And watch the newspapers. This is by no means the end of it.



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