This takes the biscuit!

This takes the biscuit! or to be more accurate, the McVities Cafe Noir biscuit which I have been addicted to for more years than I can remember. Be warned! Total breakdown approaches!

Or to bFeatured imagee more accurate has arrived. The Cafe Noir was the perfect biscuit for a special treat for diabetics, light and crisp and not too sweet, with a delicious coating of coffee icing for a grizzly, old diabetic like me. Not always easy to find but a great treat when I’d discovered a packet on the shelves. And now Woah, Sob, Growl and Groan it’s been changed beyond recognition!

The biscuit is almost exactly the same as every other biscuit, soft and far too sweet. It’s half the size it was, looks like a dog biscuit and doesn’t taste like my favourite biscuit at all, except for the icing. It’s even in a different packet! What on Earth were McVities thinking of?!

I mean look at it!

Puts on hat, leaves house, in high-dudgeon and my Fiat Punto. I might be a long time!

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