Are you thinking that doing a jigsaw might be fun?

Are you thinking that doing a jigsaw might be fun? Be warned! Fun they might be, but they are devilishly cunning. Once you start, you get hooked, “just a few more pieces” you say and “I reckon that bit would fit in there,” it never does. But by the time you have done battle for 24 hours, you are too addicted to stop.

The wretched thing takes up all the dining room table and can’t be moved. You eat around it and fall asleep next to it and sometimes you even try to read the paper, which it disapproves of seriously, pushing suitable pieces just into your line of vision and flickering tempting colour at you, so that you’re forced to Featured imagestop what you are doing and pay attention to it.

You drop pieces on the floor in your wild frenzies and then spend hours crawling about on your hands and knees trying to find them. Telephones ring and you don’t answer them. You lose time, friends, your meals and eventually your sanity but you are hooked.

Oh be warned, resist the tempting boxes, leave them on the shelves, or your lives will never be the same again!

3 thoughts on “Are you thinking that doing a jigsaw might be fun?

  1. You’re right! I never even thought I liked them… until I found a very small one thinking, ‘that’ll be an easy one to start with.’ It wasn’t! But it has these odd special shapes cut to look like musical instruments, and so I keep getting it out to try (and fail) again.


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