Take a look if you’re concerned about the state of Blake’s Cottage.

If you are concerned about the state of Blake’s Cottage from what you’ve seen of it from the outside, do please take a look at these pictures taken inside the cottage on Thursday the 1st February 2018, which is over four years ago.


Like you, I wish there were something quick and easy that could be done to start the repair. Like you, I think we should begin by meeting together and spreading the word about the problems that the village is facing as far and wide as we can. It will take an organisation to put this right and the organisation will have to start by making sure that Tim Heath is no longer the chair of the Blake Cottage Trust, which will be very, very difficult.

One item of news that may cheer us all up. For many years now TH has bragged that he ‘owned’ the two rooms in South Molton Street in London where the Blake’s lived. That was untrue. He didn’t ‘own’ anything in South Molton Street, he merely rented two rooms and now the owners of the place have refused to let them to him anymore, so that’s a start.

The Post Office in Felpham has been re-stocked with my Blake Booklet, if you haven’t seen it already do take a look and watch out for the posters that will follow it.

Keep in touch.

United we stand.

3 thoughts on “Take a look if you’re concerned about the state of Blake’s Cottage.

  1. Beryl… it’s heart breaking… I feel so impotent. Do you get any sense of things happening on that front … at all? Good to know TH is out of Molton St. But who’s in? Who actually owns it? And what’s their position vis à vis its Blake heritage? Hope you’re doing well. Think of you often. Christine xox


  2. It’s tragic to hear about the deterioration of this historic house, an important part of our heritage. If only people in authority would show more interest in saving it. Best wishes and I hope you are keeping well x


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