Do you speak cat?

I only ask, because my latest book which will be on sale for FREE today, is written entirely in cat.

The model for it was insistent, that human language did not intrude, because he felt it entirely unnecessary. After all as he points out a cat can make his needs clear as daylight with one passionate miaow, all the human being needs to make is a certain amount of effort. Which compared to the effort that a cat has to make in order to catch and eat a pigeon or a mouse or some such delicacy, is minimal.

I hope that there will be a lot of you out there who will see my cat’s point of view and enjoy the story of his adventures, none of which quite work out in the way he intends.

Dixie wishes you to know that he quite approves of this new entrant into our lives. Not quite up to his splendiferous category, but close!

At the moment he is sleeping off the hunting excursions of last night. But if you wish to ask him any questions he is happy to answer providing you give him plenty of time for consideration.

Cats forever!

Get your FREE copy here.

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