Just for a change, a one handed blog!

I like to ring the changes now and then, although I have to admit this one is a bit much. A week ago, I took a rather spectacular fall, instead of getting into bed where I should have been, I suddenly fell sideways and whacked my head and my left shoulder against the floor and the edge of the bed.

Out cold. Naturally. And later to hospital. So now I’m slung and one handed. That’ll teach me to have vertigo.

Nevertheless, I have some news for my various blog readers.

The first is for those who are concerned about the possible destruction of and/or the possibility of a squatter in Blake’s Cottage. I heard from Tim Heath’s brother that Tim had left the house he had been squatting in, of his own accord, just before the bailiffs arrived. He is now living in a flat in Temple Fortune, according to his brother, with a woman called Parul. She has my sympathy poor girl.

But at least it means that neither the Felpham residents nor the BCT trustees have the job of removing him from the Cottage. One problem solved but another and much greater, still waiting solution. The cottage has not been repaired, since it was taken over ‘on behalf of the nation’ by the BCT nor will it be, for there is NO money available. So now what? You may well ask. But the only people who could tell you the answer to that are the four members of the Blake Cottage Trust or the interested members of the FVCS. I will do whatever I can but I am rather limited with just one hand at the moment.

However, the second piece of news is happier. Dixie wishes me to tell you that I now have a new book coming out which is structured for Christmas presents. It is a story about a cat – not a patch on Dixie naturally – but pretty good. It is called ‘Not that I Brag’. I hope cat fanatics will find him and enjoy him. I’ll put a cover up to show you and more details when I have them!

Onward and upward, no matter how many hands I have!

8 thoughts on “Just for a change, a one handed blog!

  1. Commiserations on the fall and the current one handed existence , Beryl, and we (Gloria, Godiva and I) look forward to Dixie’s recommendation.

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  2. Your sling looks neat! Hope the arm is fully restored to working order soon.
    Himself had to wear similar recently – and (oh dear) we actually first managed to put it on upside down !!


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