The latest news about book 27 ‘Everybody’s Somebody’ and book 30.



Two bits of news about book 27 (cover picture alongside) and it’s sequel Citizen Armies, which is book 30.

Endeavour Ink sent me a message this morning to tell me that Everybody’s Somebody will be on a special offer of £0.99 for the next four days. The link is: So if you haven’t read it yet and want to, maybe this is the time to snap up a bargain.

They’ve also put up an excellent review of it which I’ve copied here.

Reviews can make or break a new book, so I’m always very grateful for a good one. Thank you Laurenae.

For those of you who have been asking if there is a sequel and saying they’re looking forward to it, if there is, the answer is yes there is and it’s now over half written and should be completed in the next fifteen weeks. I have called it ‘Citizen Armies’ because it covers the period in WW2 and the Blitz of London when citizen armies were formed and ends in 1945 when those self-same citizen armies ushered in the only bloodless revolution there has ever been, as far as I know. They didn’t look much like an army as you can see from my picture, but an army they undoubtedly were. Respec’!


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