If you’re anything like me, you’ve read my title and said ‘what on earth’s that?!’ So do let me tell you.

My excellent publishers Endeavour Ink have just let me know that they have set up what looks like an excellent deal for my recently published book ‘Everybody’s Somebody’ with a company called Bookbub. This is effectively a newsletter that people subscribe to which informs them of special eBook deals and the deal that Endeavour have brokered with them for my book is a one week spectacular price reduction. It will operate in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia, for a week starting on November 24th and will be offered for sale at £0.99/$0.99. That looks like a bargain to me! 

Here’s the link

5 thoughts on “BookBub

  1. Looking forward to purchasing ebook at a bargain price but having all your books in print and many signed by you will have to buy print copy to add to collection.


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