Waiting around.

I seem to have spent a great many hours during the last few weeks, waiting around. And all, now that I sit down to actually do some thinking, to no purpose at all.

Probably the most important thing that I am waiting for is a report back from the young man who could be my next agent, he said he would get back to be by the end of the month, but he didn’t actually tell me which month he had in mind! And I feel it would be rude to nudge his memory, when our acquaintance is so new.

I ought to be getting on with book 32, but as I’m now none to sure whether book 32 will be any good at all, I am loathed to write any of it.


I also have to wait for three more dental appointments, one a week for the next three weeks.

Treble sigh, plus dread.

But I think like all of us, what we’re waiting for, yearning for, is the Spring. ‘Oh Spring the sweet Spring, the years pleasant King.’ But there is no blossom anywhere in my garden and it’s so cold here that I stomp about in a quadruple layer of clothing like a walking wardrobe, feeling as though the seasons have stopped.

I would also like to start up a conversation with several people. Like someone sympathetic from the FVCS with whom I could perhaps suggest that there might be a way in which the FVCS could actually get rid of Tim Heath so that Blake’s Cottage could be repaired at long, long last. Or Stephen Pritchard who might well know how it could be done, but doesn’t know me. Or thirdly some communication with Peter Johns who has been one of the original three trustees of the Blake Cottage Trust and therefore ought to know what is happening to it now, but seems loathed to answer any communication.

Oh Spring, sweet Spring, could you please step in and open the world and the window for me?!


2 thoughts on “Waiting around.

  1. Hello Beryl
    So good a use of words.. loved the image of a walking wardrobe; I know how you feel.
    This has seemed like a long winter, despite there being so little rain. Thank goodness for bulbs which hold in their flesh, all they need for flowering.
    Within 5 days I am off to the deepest bit of france to help haul logs for a friend’s burner… and maybe do some pruning if the Sloe isn’t already in flower. But where are my wellies and thickest socks?

    If the young man can’t keep his word, maybe you could remind him… or ask him which month he was referring to! That made me laugh too; I thank you.

    I don’t know the FVCS committee any more, but they are having a quiz within a week if I recall the poster correctly.. may be worth going to be able to catch the man you want in person?

    Very best of luck; the cottage surely needs a saviour. I wonder if the council knows or can help apply pressure…



  2. Hate,hate this old weather fellow Beryl ! I’m now toying with the idea of not voting, if and when , there is a general election? What a sin! Yes, women died to give me the vote! There’s no one deserving of my vote!


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