Tim Heath is ousted!

I had a very welcome letter from an old friend of mine last weekend. They have been a member of the Blake Society for several years and had been attending their annual General Meeting. And they had just witnessed the dethronement of their self appointed Chair, Tim Heath. It was amazing news to both of us.

Apparently he had been required to step down by a man called Stephen Pritchard who is now the Secretary of the Society and as an added inducement had been offered a considerable pay off. Stephen Pritchard said the event would be reported on the Society’s webpage or Facebook but I haven’t see it there yet. The new Chair is Sybille Earle.

I will keep you posted as and when I get more information.

Meantime I shall hang out the flags and do my best to spread the good news. What has happened in the Blake Society could happen in the Blake Cottage Trust.


2 thoughts on “Tim Heath is ousted!

  1. A very welcome bit of news for your birthday, Beryl ! Oh frabjous day! Calloo Callay! she chortled in her joy. Hooray and happy belated wishes. Double celebrations! Love Christine x


  2. It’s important to note that at the meeting both Jason and Stephen thanked Tim for his long tenure in the B.S. (Jason is Treasurer for 2023; Stephen secretary for 2023, with thanks [by me, here] noted for their own service). There was nothing to imply that the resignation was in any way coerced, or anything about a “payoff.” What’s significant to Blakeans is that The Blake Society fulfil its foundational mission to “celebrate the visionary works of William Blake,” or as it is revised to be now, to champion “the agency of William Blake in our culture.” There are many important missions to accomplish now and Blakeans need to get together in solidarity to attempt to accomplish these things — not least being the Cottage, a cause I know dear to your heart, Beryl and which concerns you greatly!


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