This is a P.S. to yesterday’s blog

I have just sent a question to the Charities Commission, which I would like you to see. Time is getting on and I am now seriously concerned that Mr Squatter Heath may soon move in to our Blake’s Cottage if we’re not very careful.

This may seem peculiar but there is a real and pressing reason for my query. Is there a code that the Charity follows that would ensure that none of the Trustees are behaving in an illegal or unethical manner – like squatting in an empty property and having to be removed by bailiffs.

I sent this question to the Charities Commission, in the hope that as well as looking into the monetary affairs of the trustees, they are also concerned with their public and moral behaviour. It is being ‘considered’ at the moment and I can’t truthfully say that I have much hope of a helpful answer, because as far as I’ve been able to make out the CC are concerned simply with money and don’t seem to bother much about the morals of their trustees.

But I could be proved wrong, fingers crossed. Meantime anyone in the village or elsewhere – particularly those that are members of the Felpham Village Conservation Society to see what they can find out, there are many avenues and if we all start exploring them, we might come up with something. But time is against us because Mr Squatter Heath will be out on his ear escorted by bailiffs by the 31st of this month.

If it were possible for me to come and speak to you I would do it like a shot, but I know it would be turned down because I’m political. However political or not, I have a phone number and various websites where you would be welcome at any time. This is too big and public an issue to be ignored and if there are any trustees present or former of the BCT and the Blake Society who would like to tell me what they know they too would be very welcome indeed. I’m 91 and aware that I need all the help I can get.

Watch this space.

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