Attention all Blake Cottage lovers – something untoward is on its way.

Photo credit – Richard Gittins / Champion News

I heard a bit of news this week that made me a) sit up and take notice and b) start making plans for this blog at once.

If you read my blog Daily Mail blows the gaff on Tim Heath you will see all the details. But for the moment, let me tell you the story briefly in case you haven’t heard it.

That house belonged to Tim Heath’s parents and he has lived in it since he was ten, first as the pampered son of the owners, then when his mother and surviving parent died in 2015, as an unstoppable squatter. It didn’t seem to any of us that his brothers would ever be able to get him out.

But yesterday I heard the good news that after seven squatting years, he is to be evicted by bailiffs on May the 31st. This begs all manner of prickly questions, that all the people who have been involved with Blake’s Cottage both local and national will have to face and face pretty quickly.

If he is out on his ear with no job, no house and as far as I know, no money – although that is questionable even though I’m doing my best to answer some of the questions – he will need somewhere to live and someone fool enough to support him. Which given the fact that he has quite recently appointed two new tame trustees of the Blake Cottage Trust (BCT) could turn out to be very interesting indeed.

Photo credit – Richard Gittins / Champion News

Now I am doing what I can to find out who could be contacted about it, in the national and local newspapers. If any of you out there know, please get in touch as soon as you can.

He has the keys to the Cottage, don’t forget, and if he squats there, nobody will EVER take it over to repair it. I am sitting here wondering if any of the original BCT trustees have the power to change the locks, before he moves in.

I will make this business my first priority all day and thereafter until I make progress and I will report back to you whenever I have something useful to say. Please report to me in the same way. A long time ago, I wrote in my booklet that the only people who would be able to take the Cottage over and repair it and open it for the nation, the way we all wanted when we were raising money for it, is the National Trust and it would have to be a gift to them, not a sale, because the property is much too far into decay to be saleable.

Perhaps I should have called this ‘crossroads’, because that’s where we are.

More in my next.

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