A real family tree.

This beautiful lilac is growing in the garden belonging to my granddaughter/amanuensis, who sent it to me because she knew I would love it, as I do! But as it is a plant with quite an extraordinary family pedigree, I thought I would share both.

This beautiful plant came from a cutting taken from the garden of Lottie’s mother, my daughter Caroline, her plant grew from a cutting which came from my garden here in Aldwick, and that plant had grown from a cutting taken originally from a lilac tree growing in my childhood home in Longley Road in Tooting and transplanted to my first family home in Streatham.

This perfumed beauty is very much a family tree.

2 thoughts on “A real family tree.

  1. How wonderful! I love that! I have a money plant from a cutting that originated from my husbands great grandma and cuttings were passed along. We’ve had it thriving since our engagement 30 years ago

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