Being catty.

This morning Lottie and I have devoted our time to a consideration of the peculiarity of the charms of cats. Or to put it another way, we’ve been editing a book about a particular cat that I’d written in 2014 and which we’re hoping to put on the market sometime after July – ready for Christmas!

I am, as some of you have noticed, an idiotically besotted companion of cats. Over the years I’ve learnt my place and having studied the language at considerable length, can now speak fairly fluent cat. So fluent in fact that in this book I have actually dared to get inside the head of a particular cat and record his thoughts. Yes, yes, I know it’s asking for trouble! But I couldn’t resist it.

I’ve gone so far down this dangerous road that I can’t turn back. But just to be on the safe side, we allowed Dixie to sit in with us while we were editing the first half of the manuscript, so that we could get his opinion. He gave it, as you can see with his usual disarming honesty!

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