Rushing about

Life is pushing me around a bit this week, entirely by coincidence but the sense of being rushed about is the same, although I have to admit I rather enjoy it.

Yesterday I gave a Zoom interview to a local journalist, which was great fun, although it was interrupted by the arrival of his assistant who needed instant help because the toilet was blocked! (I did try not to giggle). And after that, Lottie and I sorted out all the things I would need for my next foray into the adult world which will be on Saturday and which I am looking forward to a lot because it’s the sort of thing I used to do a great deal and haven’t done recently because of being locked down.

It’s a book signing no less, to offer and publicise my new book ‘The Great I Am’ and it will be in Heygates, Bognor’s one and only bookshop which is now in Bognor Station. I hope it’s going to be an event, but I have absolutely no way of telling 1) because I’ve been out of touch for such a long time and 2) because the book itself is undeniably political, although I have been very careful to make clear that my anti-hero is not born into the political class and did not arrive there via Eton and Oxford, but was in fact the son of a burglar who died in prison and lived in Whitechapel. It’s already had several very helpful reviews, some on Amazon and two very good five star ones which is encouraging.

So I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m looking out some clothes that are warm and easy on the eye and sorting out the other books that I will be taking with me and the little booklet I wrote about Blake’s Cottage and will be in the station on Saturday morning as ever is between 11am and 1pm, look for this poster on a table.

I hope to see my local friends and fans there.

2 thoughts on “Rushing about

  1. Would have come to their fellow Beryl, but we’re meeting our friends in Windsor for the day!

    I’m sure you will do very well!

    Love Beryl XX

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