A bit of promotion and a book signing

There is an Instagram promotion today for my new book ‘The Great I Am’, which is now on offer for a short time for £1.99 and which is part of a publicity campaign set up for me by Mary-Anne Yarde. It’s available on Amazon here. And as well as that, yesterday I arranged to do a signing in Heygates, the local bookshop in Bognor, which is in the station on Saturday the 5th of February at 11am-1pm. I hope to see a lot of you there.

I have to admit that when the idea of a local book signing was first mooted I had private doubts. But this morning, Lottie and I went shopping in the Bognor Marks & Spencer’s and I saw something which made me very hopeful, that more and more people are beginning to accept that politicians tell lies. Despite the Prime Mendacitor’s announcement yesterday that we no longer need to wear masks or stay apart from one another, the place was full of shoppers ALL wearing masks (as were the staff). Far from praising him and admiring him, the way he’d intended that they would, they were taking absolutely no notice of what he’d said. I stood at the checkout thinking what a positive and sensible sign it was.

Now I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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