Here at last!

And it only took three years! I’ve never taken so long over a book in my entire career. But now I’m delighted to say that ‘The Great I Am’ is published. To say I’m thrilled about it is putting it mildly.

But I feel I should add a health warning. I know my fans will enjoy it. They’re already telling me so. But it isn’t a book for everybody. If you are an ardent Brexiteer and you think ‘Bo-jo’ is a wonderful man and ‘doing his best’ and that his team are all equally wonderful, you would hate it.

Because this is about a fictional politician who has built his entire life on a lie and lies as easily as he breathes, a womaniser who treats his woman abominably, a man who beats his son and has never paid any taxes on his enormous wealth. There were plenty of role models for me to study before I created him. But he IS a work of fiction.

And the rules of fiction being what they are I have given him a well deserved comeuppance in the final pages of the book. But on the way, I’ve also taken a close and detailed look at the way the Brexit campaign was planned and won, at the political use of propaganda and the ethos of an increasingly Fascist government. And all that is factual.

You will find it On Amazon and Kindle here.

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