Dire news about Blake’s Cottage.

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This one is for all those who want to see Blake’s cottage repaired as a top priority. As I do.

I’ve been watching out for the new press release from Jonathan Mullard ( the new official with the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust) and have therefore been trawling the net. Under ‘Jobs with Blake Cottage Trust’ I found the following statement.

”About Blake’s Cottage Trust

The Trust was registered with the Charity Commission on 2nd March 2015 (Reg 1160716) with the company incorporated on 30th October 2014. The Charity’s objects are restricted specifically to the ‘promotion, encouragement, maintenance and improvement and advancement of education of the public in the life and works of William Blake (1757 -1827) and to EQUIPPING AND MAINTAINING HIS SURVIVING HOMES in particular the property located at 1 Blake’s Road, Felpham, Bognor Regis, PO227EB, as a focal point for the study and appreciation thereof.”

It made my blood run cold. ”equipping and maintaining his surviving HOMES.” It’s not just our Blake’s Cottage the BCT are concerning themselves with now but the other house where Blake and Kate rented two rooms, which is in South Molton Street in London. There are only two surviving houses where Blake lived, and that’s the other one. It has always been a pipe dream of Tim Heath’s to own the two rooms he currently rents in the house for the use of the Blake Society. I visited them once and a grubby and untidy pair of rooms they were. Nobody knows exactly which of the two rooms in the house were rented by William Blake, but it’s a big building as you can see. Tim Heath fondly imagines that the two he rents are the ones. So that’s another expensive pipe dream he wants us to pay for. According to Zoopla Estimates – the average price for property in South Molton Street stands at £1,304,990 in November 2021. In terms of property types, flats in South Molton Street sold for an average of £1,304,990 and terraced houses for £3,570,472. 

I have contacted two ex-trustees of the Blake Society with whom I have been friends for years, to ask them to tell me what they know about Heath’s ambitions regarding this property, when I get some answers I will put them up. We need to know what this man is planning.

The jobs that were mentioned in the ad were mostly for people who are good at raising money, although, very condescendingly, they also said they were going to appoint one person from the Felpham area to join their new team. I wonder whether they’ve chosen someone and who it is. Do any of you know?

I’m hoping that my booklet about the cottage will be on sale in Felpham soon. I will keep you posted.

More in my next!

4 thoughts on “Dire news about Blake’s Cottage.

  1. As you know, dear Beryl, we live miles away from Blake’s cottage. I picked up the Waitrose Weekend paper (dated 18th November), yesterday and on page three, the cottage is mentioned. Part of an article about the At Risk Register.
    “Some of the sites, including William Blake’s thatched cottage at Felpham, have have their own fundraising appeals in place…..”
    I did wonder who a sub editor had been talking to, or if the text was lifted from some promotional material.
    Poor William Blake would be astounded.
    You and your lovely Lottie have enough to do,
    without chasing up The Blake Society, but I know that you have a terrier tendency and can be incandescent over an injustice. Love you.

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  2. Oh Beryl

    He’s angling for the London home that he happens to inhabit (is he hoping for squatter’s rights?) at the expense of the cottage. I wonder if he … and it is largely hom isn’t it? … figures that if English Heritage is now interested / supportive, much more money could be made available. I do not feel any more hopeful … and won’t as long as he’s around. Ker6p reporting your finds … All the best to you Love Christine


  3. The house in South Molton Street isn’t where he is squatting. He rents two rooms there from which he runs the Blake Society but they’re not habitable because they are just two plain rooms, with no toilet and no running water. The house he’s squatting in belonged to his mother until she died and he won’t get out because he has nowhere else to go. It’s a very tangled web.


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