Blake’s Cottage – ACTION AT LAST!!

Photo Credit – PA Media/BBC News

‘William Blake cottage at risk of being lost, says Historic England. Home where he wrote Jerusalem, in Felpham, West Sussex, one of 130 places on 2021 at-risk register’ – Today’s Guardian

I think I must have had a fairy godmother hidden away in my history somewhere, for what has happened and is happening today seems more than a coincidence. After years out in the wilderness, battling away to save our Blake’s Cottage, the building is now marvellously in the news, both local and national with an article in the national Guardian this morning and an item on BBC Radio 4. Historic England have at last put this precious building on their ‘buildings at risk’ register. My war horse was waiting beside my breakfast table this morning. At last, at last. And not a minute before time, as you can see from this picture of the rotting roof.

And as if this weren’t good fortune enough, I have just this week taken delivery of a batch of booklets all about the cottage which I had written specially for sale at the Bognor Regis literary event which will take place in ‘The Track’ in Bognor Regis station (no, really, I’m not kidding!), next Saturday as ever is from 10.30am onwards.

Now the campaign proper to save our cottage before it’s too late, can begin. By now, I have a very good idea about the things that should be done and the order in which we should do them in order to have the maximum impact. There IS a way to save our cottage. I’m painting the sign-post now.

7 thoughts on “Blake’s Cottage – ACTION AT LAST!!

  1. Yes, Beryl, we noticed this!!

    Good job for your massive part on bringing attention to the issue!

    On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 5:47 AM Beryl Kingston Blog wrote:

    > berylkingston84 posted: ” Photo Credit – PA Media/BBC News ‘William Blake > cottage at risk of being lost, says Historic England. Home where he wrote > Jerusalem, in Felpham, West Sussex, one of 130 places on 2021 at-risk > register’ – Today’s Guardian I think I must have had a f” >

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  2. Excellent Beryl! Well done – your tenacity is impressive.

    BBC and The Guardian have picked up the story too.

    Am still aiming to come down to Felpham – a recent plan was thwarted when we couldn’t get petrol at the station for a few days!

    Hope you keeping well!

    Catherine x


  3. Such good news Beryl. And well done, you warrior queen you, in keeping up the battle to save it. Long may your chariots burn!


  4. It is great news indeed, Beryl! I wonder why Historic England took so long, but thankfully we’re still in time.

    Now we have to make sure that the integrity of the building, but also of what it represents, are preserved, and that the cottage becomes what it was promised it would be during the fundrising campaign of 2014.

    I worry that pouring money into the hands of the Blake Cottate Trust won’t guarantee that. The priority is what is in the news: to save the building, starting by repairing the roof, but we must not forget that this state of disrepair was the direct result of the Blake Cottage Trust’s aproppriating the building and the project, unscrupulously and through corruption, with the Blake Society washing off its hands of its responsibility. Had they opened up and become the consortium of responsible people and organisations that we (I was co-leading the 2014 campaign, and so was the Big Blake Project) promised to the public that would be created, the cottage would have never gone into such dire disrepair for over six years. Six years!

    The report of the extent of the damage to the building and what needed to be done was given to them in 2016. We are now at the end of 2021.

    It is the Blake Cottage Trust and the Blake Society who are directly responsible for the damage and disrepair the building has suffered all these years, and we must not forget that, because the harm they can keep on doing to Blake’s heritage is still a threat.

    Now they talk of having it ready for 2027… the campaign started in 2014. And they are still lying in their website. We must save the cottage and it is great news that Historic England finally stepped in, after you, myself and probably other people too entreated them to do so for years on end, but we must be wary of the fact that it is still in the hands of thoroughly unscrupulous people… I won’t say more here because I am working on a piece for my blog about this matter. I will forward it to you when it is published, and will make it as public as I can.

    Meanwhile, let’s hold on fast to the good news. It is a first step to save the cottage, and hopefully to restore it to who it really belongs: the nation.

    Thank you for your persistence!

    Very best wishes,



  5. Thank you Adriana, That’s encouraging. I’m writing a Post Script to yesterday’s blog to explain some of the difficulties we’re facing, having discovered that TH is still squatting in his mother’s house. – among other things. You don’t happen to have a phone number or address for the latest member of the BCT and the Blake Society do you? His name is Jonathan Mullard.


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