People not paper

This illustration probably looks rather odd, but that is because it is rather special. It is a picture of my old darling and me on one of our jaunts with our grandchildren, taken by my lovely granddaughter amanuensis, a copy of which I’ve had on my wall ever since. But this is a different copy, because it’s a mosaic composed of more than 300 pictures of my family. Hanging on the wall now, it is possible to see one picture after another, which has been a great comfort in these days of lockdown and uncertainty.

In fact, I went back to it for comfort after I’d read a tweet from a new writer asking us how other writers coped when people arrived and wanted her attention and she wanted to write. I wrote back to tell her that the people who are visiting her and especially those who were friends or related to her should always come first, because people are the important thing. In short people not paper.

I knew that even before the pandemic but oh, how the pandemic has driven it home. It was absolutely horrible to be able to see so few of my family when I wanted to see and cuddle them all, the way I always had. Being in a bubble was and is so limiting. I have a lot of family, two daughters, five grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren, seven of whom I see frequently and love to bits.

A loved family is a tangle of gossamer threads that bind us to life. I cannot imagine any torture more terrible then living on my own.

So greetings all you families everywhere, take joy in one another whenever you can. You are worth it.

3 thoughts on “People not paper

  1. Very well said; couldn’t agree more. During the first lockdown when all was quiet and motionless my husband and I connected with our sons like never before. They are late teens and early twenties and usually so active and busy. We sat out on our patio day after day chatting & laughing. I cherish that.


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