3 feet under

No take heart, it’s not about a funeral, I could have called it ‘fishing for information’, but I wanted to tease you!

Book 32 has stalled a bit because I don’t know enough about rather too many things, like how firemen cope with 2 cars on fire, how the social services cope with a child orphaned in a road accident, how teachers in nursery and primary schools cope with abused children.

A teacher in a nursery school was the easiest to find. My first granddaughter teaches in a local one and has told me lots of interesting and fascinating things about the way they are trained to deal with such difficulties and has shown me pictures of her pupils having a wow of a time playing and learning, which made me cheer because it was so good.

I haven’t used any of her pictures on this blog because that would be encroaching on their very necessary privacy. But I need to know a lot more about what it is like in nursery schools today, so hers are the first pair of feet on their way to help me.

The second pair of feet belong to senior fireman called a District Commander who has promised to visit me and let me pick his brains. How’s that for a helper? But isn’t it typical of firemen.

And the third, you will find at the end of the legs of my grandson-in-law who was a policeman, who attended a good many road accidents and is a sweetie if he wouldn’t mind me saying so.

The fourth thing I will need to find out is what the adoption process is like now. My little sister was adopted but I’m afraid she can’t remember very much about it as it happened when she was six months old!

But I shall need to get the fire out of the way first. Oh it’s all go writing a novel!

One thought on “3 feet under

  1. Isn’t it amazing how helpful people can be Beryl? And I especially agree about firemen – our fire alarm went off not long after we had moved in, and within a few minutes there were THREE fire engines outside. It seems that although the previous owner had cancelled her ‘enhanced service’ contract with the alarm company, the cancellation had not been processed.

    We did not have a fire, One of my daughters was cooking something and to be fair it was only very mildy singed. She was mortified, but the firemen were so nice – checked the kitchen, said our alarm was extremely over-sensitive (it was one of those VERY loud ones) and thought the whole thing was quite funny.

    I’m afraid I can’t help you with adoption – the only things I have ever adopted are cats! I hope you manage to find the information somewhere.

    I have an ambulance technician, a barista, an organist, a National Parks employee and a school administrator amongst my children and their partners; maybe all of that will come in useful one day!

    Good luck with the book.


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