Swings and roundabouts

I’m sitting on a fence here this afternoon looking at a fairground and wondering whether I would prefer to be spun round at great speed high in the air or tossed up and down while I was being spun round and round on the ground. Either of the options brings on my vertigo merely to think about it.

And of course I need hardly tell you, there’s a book at the bottom of it all. I finished book 31 at the end of August and sent it to my agent. Unfortunately my timing was very poor – even for me – for the dear girl was about to go off on her holiday to Italy, so here I am biting my nails to the quick waiting for her to come back to London and read my offering.

The trouble is, this time, I have written a book that could give considerable satisfaction to one group of my readers, but on the other hand it might well make another group recoil with revulsion.

Because – shush – it is about – double shush – politics. My anti-hero is fictional. But he is a type who has become very familiar to us in recent years, a politician who tells lies every time he opens his mouth. His whole life is a lie and his behaviour is appalling. He treats his various women very badly, abuses his son, treats his wife like a well dressed servant, is determined never to pay tax on any of the vast fortune he has amassed and is still amassing. He is in every way selfish, self-centred and self-satisfied. But because this is fiction and I can do what I like with a fictional character, he gets a terrible comeuppance. The big problem is whether his book will ever reach the point when it can see the light of printed day.

In the meantime I must bite what’s left of my nails, get on with book 32, and try to contain my soul in patience.

2 thoughts on “Swings and roundabouts

  1. Sounds like it might be a good thing your baddie is fictional…!! And it can be awkward, if ever he hogs the hero’s (or heroine’s) limelight in peoples’ imaginations. But I’m sure his story could be instructive, for those inclined to read it. Let’s hope we get the chance. Meanwhile, of course, on with no. 32 (32!! I am in awe..!) Good luck.


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