Nearly done!

I’m yelling about this, which is not really very commendable but I feel so pleased to be so very nearly at the end of book 31 – which I’m presently calling ‘The Great I Am’, but of course that might change – that I can’t help jumping up and down. It’s taken me a very long time to write it, the longest time I’ve ever taken over any of my books.

Lottie and I started to research it 2 and a half years ago and we began in Amberley which we chose because it was one of the prettiest villages in our vicinity and I wanted the main settings to be in a village, a market town and the Houses of Parliament. We spent a happy day in Amberley and came home with a lot of pictures.

The market town I chose was Guildford because I already knew it fairly well having visited it frequently when I was a teenager.

I explored this place with my sister Carole and it was my first lengthy outing since I had six stents fitted in my arteries and and been finding it quite difficult to walk for any length of time. But on that first day of exploration we were on our feet non-stop for five hours, so not only had I found lots of places that I wanted to use in the book, but I came home feeling rather pleased with myself.

By the time it came to researching the House of Commons and Portcullis House, I was rather confined to my own house, so that research had to be done via the internet and this image of the luxurious interior came from the internet as you can see. (Photo credit – STA-LOK)

Now it is just half a chapter away from completion! And with luck, Lottie and I will be able to send it off to my agent next week. It has taken us 2 and a half years, which seems an interminable time because time was when we could research, plan and write a novel in nine months. I always used to say it was like a pregnancy. Rather a long pregnancy this time, I think I may have turned into an elephant in my old age!

4 thoughts on “Nearly done!

  1. Congratulations Beryl! Interesting to know your approach to and inspiration for this novel β€œThe Great I Am”!

    Thank you for the photos and narratives! I feel like I’ve had a little excursion myself having read your post!

    I was in England this summer as you know and did get to move around the country as it were but Covid testing and quarantining were a constraint! (Hopefully you got my letters).

    Love to you and all your family (and friends and fans!)


  2. You trumpet your success Beryl! 🐘 Why not?!

    I look forward to reading The Great I Am! … when it comes out … I can think of a number of people who might have inspired it! I wonder if they were all once members of a certain club?!

    I do enjoy reading your blogs and I’m sorry not to have replied to them in a while. Life’s been a bit complicated … again.

    I also wish you well with meeting the new woman at the Felpham Historical and Preservation Society. Not sure if I’ve got the name right … but as you recently wrote about her contacting you (!) , you’ll know who and what I mean. Look forward to blogs about developments there.

    Love Christine πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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