The cat is now among the pigeons.

And Dixie wishes it to be known that the cat in question is entirely metaphorical and nothing to do with him. He has only caught two pigeons in the course of his life and plucking them put him to so much trouble that he doesn’t want to catch another one.

The cat in this situation is called ‘Hubris’ which is a condition known to the early Greeks who gave it its name, and is the condition that we are suffering under in this country now. It is excessive pride and/or self confidence in the great and there is hardly a man in the cabinet from the Prime Mendacitor downwards, who isn’t showing hideous signs of it. Two headlines on the front page of The Guardian this week show it very clearly.

On Tuesday the headline was:

Johnson sweeps away lockdown restrictions in Covid-19 Gamble.’

Or to put it another way “I am all powerful and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.”

It was followed by an analysis of all the restrictions that he was going to lift, the first being the rule about ‘wearing masks and keeping within social distancing’. From the 19th of July he told us more or less every legal restriction will be lifted, ‘businesses will be opened and mask wearing and social distancing will be left to people’s personal responsibility’. It all sounds as though he’s offering us a big box of sweeties and I fear that there are many who will accept it in that way.

But please notice, the cunning creature has given himself a neat loophole to avoid taking any of the blame should anything go wrong, it will be our personal responsibility if anything goes wrong and our fault not his.

And the next day The Guardian’s headline made it quite clear that there would be consequences.

‘Fears 10 million may face summer isolation as Covid-19 cases surge.’

All day long I have been collecting quotations from Twitter, my email and Facebook, they come from people, who like The Guardian, do not swallow the Prime Mendacitor’s propaganda, can see through him and know exactly what he’s doing.

Edwin Hayward said “We sacrificed and socially distanced and masked and cancelled and stayed away and didn’t see friends and family and gave up on non-essential shopping and forewent events, films and concerts and trips, and so much more. Boris Johnson will bin all that effort instantly on the 19th of July.” You can’t put it clearer than that.

Alan Rodgers on Twitter was more succinct. He said “This is now a hostile government. We must protect ourselves from them.”

Eileen Wharton detailed what so many have been suffering, with her own harrowing story. “My fiancée is still in ICU with Covid pneumonia. He’s on a CPAP hood struggling to breathe. Please will @BorisJohnson explain to him why he allowed twenty thousand passengers who could have been infected with a virulent strain of Covid, to enter Britain.

Johnny Vegas, the comedian, understanding Johnson’s hidden agenda, wrote “A three hour wait on an ambulance because A&E had to close it’s doors, full to capacity. Why be angry at the incredible folk working under unbelievable stress? I remain grateful. My bitterness belongs to Boris Johnson and the Conservatives at your neglect of our NHS and your blatant drive privatise it.”

Professor S Reicher wrote “Millions of young people will be affected HOPEFULLY FEW WILL DIE, but many will suffer long Covid, which has cognitive effects. Seeking immunity through infection not vaccination is dangerous.”

So what’s with the cat and the pigeons, to go back to the beginning of all this. Hubris has it’s own built in defeat, the Greeks called it ‘nemesis’ and it came from feeling yourself so powerful and wonderful that you defied the Gods. In our day it comes from defying your equally powerful, equally self-confident colleagues.

The first to fall was baby faced Hancock. Somebody put a camera where he didn’t expect it and caught him ‘in flagranti’. The punishment was quick, these Gods don’t muck about, within days he had resigned, within hours Johnson was claiming that he’d fired him because he didn’t want to be upstaged by him. The infighting had begun.

To nobody’s surprise, Cummings put out another bulletin about his one-time leader, which was pointedly accurate. “He re-writes reality in his mind afresh according to the moment’s demands. He lies – so blatantly, so naturally, so regularly – that there is no real distinction possible with him, as there is with normal people, between truth and lies.” I suspect where Cummings is leading, others will follow. There’s a gang of them – you could probably name as many as I could – and they all fit the pattern of Hubris. Excessive pride, endless self confidence, non-stop ambition. And now the anonymous camera shifter has lit the blue touch-paper.

I can’t wait to see the next head fall.

Can’t resist this P.S. Lottie and I went off to have some coffee and this is what we found in the garden. If you look closely at the second picture you will see the corpse and Dixie on guard!

8 thoughts on “The cat is now among the pigeons.

  1. You are a girl after my heart fellow Beryl! SO right! A plan to stop Hancock, who was listening to scientists, replaced by Javid who straightaway says , “ open everything out? Doris didn’t resign over his affairs, why did Hancock have to?

    I often think , there’s another evil thing going on. Do they realise how many less then intelligent people are out there? Letting them choose, is not a good idea! XX

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hello Beryl, yes I hear you but I can attest that this mandatory testing (despite my having the Pfizer vaccine) is a NIGHTMARE!!! #1 trying to get the tests delivered to the flats l’m staying in in London was practically impossible; crossrail which had effectively blocked the entrance had to be persuaded to change the signage after 4 or 5 supposed delivery attempts; when FINALLY the tests arrived I thought I was home free but NO! Today I looked all over London to try to find a DX depot – never found it!!! The DX help line didn’t even give me an address. It was “Staples Corner.” Boots pharmacy couldn’t help either. This is all being VERY BADLY done!!! I am hoping tomorrow to find another courier (even tho DX is included in the £ 149 for test day 2, day 5 and day 8) so I can get the day 2 test in! Will oribavkt cost 20 quid at least. God knows when I’ll get the results?? Especially if Mon. Is a holiday!!


  3. Every day, I think things can’t get worse, then Johnson proved me wrong exponentially. We are living in a Greek tragedy or 20 of them and no one seems able to do anything about it.


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