Ruled by spoilt brats and bullies

To begin at the beginning which is always a useful way to begin. The blog I wrote called ‘Who remembers Violet Elizabeth Bott?‘ has a lone and frequent visitor, a fact which intrigues me. Not a fan I wouldn’t think, but someone who seems hooked on this particular blog. I can hazard a guess at who it might be but it’s only a guess. It had 106 views when it first came out. But since then it’s had 1,312 views over five years and most of them have been single visits.

I’ve had my deerstalker on for ages but I can’t find a to solve the problem of who that single visitor is. And now I’ve given up looking and simply accept the fact that somebody somewhere seems to be hooked on it, returning to it over and over again, like a tongue to a sore tooth.

So why am I on about that particular blog at the moment? Well one reason is that we now seem to be ruled almost to the exclusion of every other type by people who are spoilt brats and bullies. And now interestingly they’ve reached a point where they’re turning on one another. First Dominic Cummings attacking the Prime Mendacitor and now someone in the group arranging for the cameras to be turned in such a way as to film Matt Hancock up to no good, with such powerful affect that he’s fallen on his sword and resigned and we are all beginning to wonder who is going to be next. Well I suppose it makes a change for them from struggling to govern the country, or mis-govern the country, according to how you feel about the Prime Mendacitor.

What has not changed in all this in-fighting and all this coming and going, is the nature of the warped characters who are now in power. Spoilt brats far too often become bullies who can do a great deal of damage, especially when they’re in positions of power. So perhaps we should be considering them very seriously and asking ourselves, what we can do to protect one another now that they are fully in power.

According to Psychology Today “Research finds that bullies have a distinct psychological makeup. They lack prosocial behavior, are untroubled by anxiety, and do not understand others’ feelings. They exhibit a distinctive cognitive feature, a kind of paranoia: They misread the intentions of others, often imputing hostility in neutral situations. Others may not like them, but they typically see themselves quite positively. Those who chronically bully tend to have strained relationships with parents and peers.” But in this article they go on to concern themselves with children who are bullies and how parents can handle them. I’m still searching for any psychological advice that I can find on how to handle a fully fledged, powerful bully who has put himself beyond the reach of the law, which he controls, and into an almost un-impeachable position. The one thing that is recognisable in our bullying MPs is their need for power and their equal need for approval and applause. Our Prime Mendacitor is constantly posing and preening in front of the cameras, in a variety of costumes and in various places. He does it so incessantly, it’s a wonder more people don’t see through him, but oddly they don’t. Perhaps that’s because we don’t fully understand what makes him tick.

Does anyone out there know the answer to that? We need your help! Peter Stefanovic has done his best to nail the PM’s lies in a telling and widespread video but the BBC are still doing as they’re told and ignoring it, so it has not made the news it should.

Perhaps as they give one another the chop, we shall find out more about how they tick. Let’s hope.

Strength to your arms, all you delightful, normal, loving people out there. You might not be valued as you should be with all this showing off and bullying going on so loudly all around us but by God you’re needed.

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