Spring the sweet Spring.

A second blog this morning to cheer us up a little after the seriousness of the first one.

Spring has arrived in my garden in its usual exuberant way and I now have frogspawn in my pond as you can see and a new pet that I’ve called Annie, who comes to the door of my conservatory and taps on it to be fed. So I thought you might enjoy them too.

Nature can be cruel but it is also creative and tender and reaffirming.

And I hope you won’t feel I’m showing off too much if I add a poem I wrote a long time ago about a similar sudden arrival. I don’t think it ever had a title but it was fun to write.

Forsythia blazes golden in my garden,
Daffodils bob and sway, the hedge unfurls
Into a tender tangle of green curls,
Old fruit trees creak as new buds swell and harden.

Now finches fall in showers, thrushes sing
And blackbirds bounce in conflict, shrieking shrill,
Ponds fizz with tadpoles, squirmingly alive,
Trout leap, lambs stagger, piglets roll and thrive.
The whole world gleams and wriggles, nothing’s still
In the dizzying effulgence that is spring

Welcome back Persephone!

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