90th birthday!

This has been a stunning birthday and I never thought I would be sitting here at this machine this morning saying such a thing.

In the weeks leading up to to the birthday, I got quite depressed if I thought about it because if we hadn’t been in the middle of a pandemic we would have had a family party and at that point I couldn’t see how we could get together at all. I was WRONG, thanks to my resourceful daughters. On the birthday itself they arrived with balloons and cake and presents which was lovely, and in the afternoon my first granddaughter arrived with her two sweeties and we talked and played with them in the garden and me and Mary at the door of the conservatory.

And now this morning the two girls came back with a very big present from the entire family and set up an I-pad to that we could all see one another as I opened it. Here we all are talking to one another via Zoom and how lovely is that. And here I am holding the present, which turned out to be an absolutely stunning photo-mosaic, which is new to me and fascinating because it’s a picture of me and the old darling composed of 455 family pictures of us from youth to old age and our children and grandchildren and great grand children. A real family photograph. I shall spend the rest of the year looking at it, picture by picture with my magnifying glass.

I just had to share it with you because it’s so delightful and t’s taken so much thought and planning to bring about and they kept it all a secret until this morning. Is that superb or is that superb? Best birthday ever.

19 thoughts on “90th birthday!

  1. Oh fellow Beryl , how wonderful! Such a thoughtful present and I’m sure they’re all proud to have a 90 year old relative.

    I was certainly proud to have my Mum to be 90. But probably not as proud as she was , when she had a 60 year old daughter!! Unfortunately we lost my older sister.

    I’m sure , every time you look at that picture, you’ll think of your wonderful family!

    Love from your fellow Beryl XXXX

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  2. Absolutely pleased as punch for you, Beryl. You deserve no less. Albeit only on Twitter, you have proved truly inspirational to this man. And you are living proof that my Grandma was quite correct when she used to tell me:
    “Only the good die young, pet.”
    So have the happiest of birthdays, lass! John.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Beryl, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us, especially this one. What a wonderful, loving family you have – but then, they are led by you.

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  4. What a wonderful gift for your 90th birthday, Beryl.
    I thought your girls would have something special up their sleeves, and they did!
    I’m so happy to be friends with them both, and with you, of course.
    We’ll meet up, one day, I’m sure, and have a good old chat about our Streatham days. Lots of love from Sylvia Robbins.


  5. Hello Mrs Kingston
    I wonder if you will remember me but I was in your English and Drama classes at Felpham Comp. We did The Real Inspector Hound together in about 1983 – I played Felicity and have very happy memories of those days.
    I am delighted to wish you a very very Happy Birthday!
    With love from Jane (Cloke)


  6. Did I say Happy Birthday? Have a horrible feeling I didn’t, so Happy Birthday!!! What a terrific birthday, and what a wonderful family. You’re an inspiration to us all, especially to me. Much love, Lesley xxx


  7. Dear Beryl,

    What a wonderful present!! I am so glad your family found a creative way to celebrate!!!

    I hope my present to you comes soon. It is taking 30 days for mail to get from TEnnessee to Virginia thanks to Rump’s co- conspirator Luis DeJoy . . . But it will probably arrive to England sooner than that!




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