I seem to have become part of a social experiment.

and I don’t like it one bit. Let me explain.

On Thursday January 7th I had my first jab of the Covid vaccine, which was a) the Pfizer vaccine and b) rather a relief, because although I have faced the fact that at my age I’ve got to die and that it will be sooner rather than later, I would rather not choke to death. According to the reports from the manufacturers, which were explained very succinctly by a Twitter friend only yesterday ”If the vaccine given is the Oxford/Astra Zeneca, it has been tested and approved with a 12 week gap between doses 1 and 2. If, they give the Pfizer vaccine, the tests were only one with a gap of up to 21 days between doses.” So I should be receiving my second jab this Thursday, which is my ninetieth birthday. BUT if that were really going to be the case I should have been given the date of my appointment yesterday and the phone didn’t ring. Now I’m waiting to see whether or not it will ring today.

There was an interesting conversation on Twitter about it yesterday which I followed avidly. One man said:

”It does feel like they’re rolling the dice on people’s lives in the name of trying to ‘win’ the game of having the most vaccinations” and they’re certainly making a very well publicised fuss of the number of people they’ve ‘vaccinated’ without telling us that the job has only been half done

And another writer – a lovely sensible lady whom I much admire – wrote

”I do think they might try to stick to the manufacturers recommendations. Unless they want shot of us, of course, which wouldn’t surprise me.”

It wouldn’t surprise me either given Dominic Cummings infamous remarks on culling the elderly.

Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “I seem to have become part of a social experiment.

  1. Beryl I agree – my mother (93) had the Oxford one, and has to wait 12 weeks for the second (though she does at least have a date) so I am glad that gap seems to have been approved, but a (front line) doctor friend of mine has had only one dose of the Pfizer one and has to wait 12 weeks for the next, and a family member (also front line NHS) has been told the second of their doses is ‘on hold’. I do hope you hear something today.

    My mother did say that when she attended (at her GP’s) it was extremely well organised and she was impressed with the efficiency of the team.

    Cummings’ comments were unforgiveable – but then he was also happy, apparently, to take his children from their (then) infected household to stay with his elderly parents.


  2. Dear Beryl,

    It’s good to hear news of you and even better you have jab # 1!! I have a present for you and will try to send. I am still trying to get my “jab.” It’s not really my turn — it’s first responders, those over 70, those working in hospitals, K-12 teachers. University professors don’t rate! Then I got sick with a sinus infection and gave up on pursuing it. I did fill out a form.

    I am glad you’re doing well. I think the vaccines seem to be going well — few bad reactions, etc.

    Love to you and your entire famil!



  3. Yes, I firmly believe we are being used, maybe not so much as a social but as a political experiment. Although, given that Priti Awful Patel, the Irma Grese of the Tory Party has designated us ‘economically inactive’ you could be right. The deaths of thousands of elderly people certainly frees the govt from having to fund social care, and it teaches the youngsters that oldies are expendable. Nice country we live in. Stay Alive, Beryl, to spite them. I am!


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