Christmas sweeties for the idiots.

Batten down the hatches, my fellow writers, readers and friends. This one is political and I’m writing it for two reasons.

The first is because of the Prime Mendaciter’s asinine announcement that we can all get together with our friends and families over Christmas and have a jolly old time. This is Johnson handing out sweeties to the idiots, so that we all think what a jolly, cuddly old buffoon he is and fail to notice that this decision is foolhardy and extremely dangerous. Pandemics don’t shut down for Christmas. But after all, as Cummings said, it doesn’t matter if a few thousands of us die. We’re just plebs and we need culling.

But there is a second reason too and this one is equally dangerous and even more alarming. Yesterday I read an article in the Guardian written by George Monbiot, a journalist for whom I have great respect. It was headed ”There is a civil war in Capitalism, and we’re the collateral damage” and what it examined was the profound and largely unnoticed change that has taken place in our society. He describes it succinctly.

Broadly speaking,’ he writes, ‘there are two dominant forms of capitalist enterprise. The first could be described as housetrained capitalism. It seeks an accommodation with the administrative state … and can coexist with a tame and feeble form of democracy.”

But the second form is another matter altogether. He calls it warlord capitalism and it’s an accurate description, for it is run by rapacious billionaires who have money and bases all over the world. Their greed for money and the power it brings is absolutely boundless. The more they have, the more they want and they will use any means, however damaging they are to the rest of us, in order to get their own way. They are dangerous and ruthless people. To his lasting credit, George Monbiot names a lot of them.

He starts off by writing about two books that described the process, one written by Friedrich Hayek and the other by Ayn Rand (and no I hadn’t heard of her either so I looked her up. She was a Russian American born in 1905 so she was seeing capitalism in its infancy and was very impressed by it. Many of us have a different view.) But then the article continues and he names the men who are influencing events now and how they are doing it, starting with Trump’s friend and ally, Steve Bannon, who has recently been banned from Twitter for calling for the beheading of Dr Antony Fauci, and was one of the massive backers of the Leave Campaign. Then he goes on to name the other massive supporters of the campaign, all of them billionaires and all of them warlords, Peter Hargreaves, another billionaire who backed the Leave campaign with another massive donation, Robert Mercer from the USA, Christopher Harborne who is based in Thailand, Jeremy Hosking who has business interests in Dublin and Delaware. The gang is worldwide, obscenely rich and hideously powerful. And they don’t care what happens to the rest of us as a result of their machinations.

And let there be no doubt about this either. The Brexit campaign was not run to give ordinary men and women ‘freedom’, whatever that means now, and a better chance in life, or to keep immigrants out of the country, as the gullible were told, it was run solely to ensure that the warlord billionaires didn’t get forced to pay the taxes they owed.

As George Monbiot puts it. ‘We are just caught in the crossfire of capitalism’s civil war.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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