Welcome back Jeremy!

The Labour party has reinstated Jeremy Corbyn after suspending him 19 days ago. At the time of writing they haven’t made up their minds whether to restore the Labour whip, which is interesting because that is a decision that needs to be made by the leader (Keir Starmer) and the Chief Whip (Nick Brown), which would put them right in the spotlight.

All sorts of reasons are being offered by the media for this sudden change of heart, but interestingly the one that seems most obvious to me nobody has mentioned at all. And that is the fact that the party is now haemorrhaging members. And that bit of information is being kept secret too, but in my cynical way I suspect that it is because there are rather a lot of them. I don’t think we ought to forget – although the press would prefer if we did – that Mr Corbyn attracted around 400,000 new members. And again interestingly, it’s not possible to find out from the press how many there actually were, but you’ve only got to look at the crowds who gathered to hear what he had to say.

Margaret Hodge must be spitting feathers today, poor baby. She was so sure that she and her friends had dealt the death blow to Corbyn’s political career. Do you remember how triumphalist she was? ‘He’s yesterday’s man…’ she said. ‘He is absolutely irrelevant… as we’re looking to the future.’ 

In fact a lot of us would say, he’s the most ‘relevant’ man in the whole of the Labour party, although thankfully there are one or two like Andy Burnham and Ed Miliband who come very close second. We are not all Corbyn-baiters thank god and most of us are ardently in favour of government for the many and not government for the obscenely wealthy few.

Watch this space.

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