One down, one to go!

Like millions of others all over the world, I followed the nail biting count after the Presidential Election in America very closely, sometimes with aching impatience, sometimes fluctuating between a flickering hope and an anguish of despair. I felt the democrats had to get rid of this impossible man and yet I was afraid that his incessant propaganda would win him a second term. The final result made me weep with relief. Now and at last the orange man baby had been given the sack by the electorate.

But sadly, that isn’t the end of it. By his very warped nature, he was bound to deny the result so it was no surprise that the propaganda coming out of his office in the days that followed, shrieked that the result had been ‘cooked’ and that it was all the fault of voting by mail. He went so far as to suggest that 50,000 people in Ohio who had voted by mail, had voted illegally. “This” he said was evidence of a “rigged election”. The director of the FBI countered by saying there was no evidence of widespread fraud but the man-baby ignored him and started to post pictures of garbage bags which he claimed contained votes for him that had been deliberately thrown away. As if that weren’t bad and petty enough, less than a week after the results were out and early in the morning, the White House North lawn was dug up, a fact reported by Betzy Klein, who covered The White House with the CNN team and pictured here.

Pictures have been a great help to us over this whole affair. This excellent photoshopped cartoon-come-picture made me laugh and was certainly a comfort. But the plain blunt truth is that the American’s have yet to get this dangerous man out of the White House and out of power. At the moment he is still there. He has his finger on the nuclear trigger and having sacked his attorney general Mark Esper, there is no-one around with the power to prevent it and he also has access to all sorts of private information that could be very damaging to a lot of people and which he would have no compunction at all in using. For this is a man without a conscience and without morals. He couldn’t even bring himself to write the customary letter of congratulation to the man who is going to succeed him. This is an unheard of thing, for every other ex-President has accepted defeat gracefully and written a congratulatory note to the new incoming President, as one American to another.

The President elect has got his work cut out.

But then so have we. For the man in power in this country is just such another as man-baby Trump. Like Trump, he tells lies as easily as he breathes, like Trump he uses propaganda very skilfully – remember the red bus and its fraudulent claim? and all those ‘Turks’ on the other infamous poster supposedly queueing up to invade our country – he is a racist and a womanising misogynist, his speeches are not just untruthful but alarmingly illiterate, piffle paffle, wiffle waffle, one grindingly unsuitable metaphor after another. And he is still firmly ensconced in power with most of the media backing him and, like his role model, means to stay there. He is going to be very difficult indeed to dislodge. I don’t know which of us, the millions of democrats in America and the millions of socialists in this country, have the most difficult job.

But the democrats who voted Trump out have shown us the way to start.

One down and one to go.

3 thoughts on “One down, one to go!

  1. H i Beryl

    When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (kudos and respect to het) gave their acceptance speeches, I felt the stirrings of hope for the future – the first in many a year.

    What’s still frightening is the sheer numbers of people who voted for the man child and who still think he’s a good old boy whose tenure has benefitted ordinary folk. I have friends in the US – otherwise decent and apparently rational people – who are completely blind to his misogyny (eg. just joking around) racism and xenophobia (eg. the wall’s a good thing as it’s stopping illegals and drugs from getting in). And look at the numbers of Boris fans in this country….

    Oh dear – I shall end up depressed again. Still, there was a wonderful rainbow yesterday. Another sign of hope?

    Keep safe and keeping writing these excellent blogs Beryĺ.

    Christine xx

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