Now what?

So Keir Starmer has thrown Jeremy Corbyn out of the Labour party to the horror of all his many followers, both in the party and outside. Twitter was fizzing with the news yesterday as soon as it was announced and more than one person was wondering what would happen to the Labour party now.

I think we need reminding how many people joined the party in the first place because they were inspired by this man, who really does believe that the Labour party should represent the ‘many’ and not just the ‘few’ and stands for justice and fairness and is not in the least racially prejudice – which is more than you can say for our Prime Mendacitor.

In the last count reported on Twitter 400,000 people joined the Labour party simply because of Corbyn and the vision that he gave them. For although he was much maligned by the right wing of the Labour party and the bulk of the media, Jeremy could move the crowds and inspire hope and optimism amongst the listeners at his many enormous rallies, like no other man in the party, although Andy Burnham comes close.

Now they are questioning how on earth such a thing could be allowed to happen to him.

Margaret Hodge speaking on television yesterday, let the cat out of the bag. She was talking about the statement that Corbyn issued after the EHRC report had come out and she said ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s statement demonstrates that he is in permanent denial about the extent of the problem… He’s yesterday’s man… he is absolutely irrelevant… as we’re looking to the future.’ How’s that for triumphalism? And doesn’t she gloat?! No surprises there because she has hated him for a very long time and now she thinks her friend Starmer has got rid of him for ‘good and all’. But have they? I wonder.

Other people on Twitter had very different ideas and interpretations. Here is Mark Hebden quoting from the report and saying ‘Five hundred thousand cases of antisemitism had been investigated by the EHRC and TWO found to be in breach of the equality act.’ ‘Yeah,’ Mr Hebden mocks. ‘Labour was “riddled” with antisemitism in the last five years.’ And he goes on to say ‘now do the Tories.’

By that time people who had joined the Labour party because of Jeremy Corbyn, were handing in their notice, others like @Josie64 were saying ‘this is now the time to form a new party with Jeremy Corbyn as leader.’

And take a look at this.

As you’ll notice a new hashtag had been brought into play #WeAreCorbyn.

Maybe, as another writer said, ‘UK Labour have not stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back. They have committed suicide.’

Tony Benn saw this coming a long time ago and predicted it neatly. ‘If the Labour party could be bullied or persuaded to denounce its Marxists,’ he said. ‘The media – having tasted blood – would demand that it expel its socialists and form a harmless alternative to the Conservatives, which would be allowed to take office now and again when the Conservatives fell out of favour with the public. Thus British capitalism would be made safe.’

A prescient man our Tony Benn for isn’t this exactly what is happening now.

I think the next few days are going to be extremely interesting. I would love to think that we would have a new huge socialist party led by people like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Andy Burnham. For these are people who are in politics not to feather their own nests and make obscene amounts of money for themselves and their friends, but to care for the huge majority or ordinary, hardworking, decent people. The ones Shelley was talking to when he advised us to ‘Rise like lions after slumber’ and reminded us that:

‘Ye are many, they are few.’

8 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Beryl, I respect you as a friend and fellow writer, so please read the following in that light. I was one of those bullied, picked on and harassed on social media for ‘being a Jew ‘(sic). I had to take legal advice at one point. I complained to Labour. My email didn’t even get an acknowledgement. Jeremy Corbyn was told by Starmer the night BEFORE he made his statement, of the result. Instead of apologising, saying he was disgusted, and praising the leader for dealing with anti-semitism, he CHOSE to make a comment pitching himself as the victim. It was deliberately done, even as the Tories do the same thing with refugees etc, to appeal to his base. Thus we Jews are once again being seen as ‘the problem’. If all his devoted followers wish to leave Labour and form their own group, fine. Let them go. Amen and amen.

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  2. I can entirely understand that. Your experience was horrible, especially given your family history and obviously your letter should have had a prompt answer but there are millions of us out here who certainly don’t see Jews as ‘the problem’ and never have. You have my sympathy for what it’s worth, not that mere sympathy is ever worth much. As always B x


  3. Rousing post, Beryl. Such political unrest on both sides of the pond. Only a few days to election here in the states. If we don’t get Trump out of office I greatly fear for our country.

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  4. I think Tony Benn summed up the crisis very well. Starmer has fed into this, and I can not and do not support this red tory. I am now party less. A new socialist government would be amazing, headed by JC, JM et al . I would join them like a shot, along with many other true socialists. Corbyn has been subjected to so much abuse by the media and other supposed labour MPs. I have my fingers
    crossed for America, they need to get Trump out as much as we need to get Johnson out !!

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  5. Miserable upset all round! And so, so horrible for anyone subject to online abuse, it poisons all communication. (How can some of it even be allowed??).

    I suppose yesterday’s events could’ve been a chapter of accidents, but actually I can’t believe that anyone (that is, either Mr Starmer or Mr Corbyn) who’s been in politics for so long didn’t know what they were doing here. We desperately need to work together for the future! I reckon that would include the Green Party too.

    Will be watching the Presidential elections up ahead, while hoping for the best.

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  6. Poor old Jezza, hoist by his own petard of naivety. He just doesn’t understand the need to be a doubleplus good duckspeaker to succeed in modern politics. He thinks that honesty and openness will suffice. I believe I may be turning into a jaded old fart.


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