Third book of the Easter Empire Trilogy is published!

These three editions of my trilogy are new and the final one was published late yesterday afternoon, so here they all are neatly lined up together.

They follow the history of a fictional family that was founded by the heroine in the first book and loosely resembles WHSmiths. The three titles now look contrived to me, but in fact they fell into place very neatly when I was reading the factual account of the real WHSmiths and the story of the real woman who founded the company. She sold the new Times newspaper out on the streets in order to provide for her three children after her husband died and added an extra farthing on each copy as profit. So there was my first title handed to me on a plate.

As the actual story of the firm progressed I discovered that another major move in their history was when many more newspapers were being printed in London and were being sent out to the various London Termini for sale in big cities all over the country. They were carried in a two horse transport called a ‘Flyer’ and to my absolute delight I discovered that flyers were hired for fourpence a mile ‘Fourpenny Flyers’ no less and the neatness of it pleased me.

And then as if that weren’t coincidence enough I read on through the history and reached the point at which the firm was selling books as well as newspapers on their new stalls in the railway stations and lo and behold, the books cost sixpence a time. And there was my third title. I didn’t have to do any work to discover them at all.

Later when the third book was originally published a reviewer joked ‘she’s inflationary, but worth it.’ Which made me laugh out loud and pleased me mightily.

And as another unbelievable footnote to this story, the combined advance royalties that I was paid for the three books gave me enough cash to buy the lovely, big house I am still living in. It was a breath-taking price and I paid it by writing a cheque. I’d never signed such a huge cheque in the whole of my life and I was stunned stupid for days at my good fortune.

So here is my third book re-published by Agora and available on Amazon for £3.99 here. I hope you enjoy it as much as the original readers did.

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