A little lesson to Johnson on how to tell the truth.

I watched Johnson’s address to the remote faithful of the Tory party, getting steadily more annoyed with him. He spent over half his time slagging off the Labour party and praising himself and/or the Tory party. It was the usual wiffle waffle piffle paffle that didn’t mean much but sounded good to his supporters. But then he started to talk about the Second World War and I wanted to jump through the television set and thump him I was so angry. Here are the words that set me off.

“In the depths of the Second World War,” our Prime Mendacitor said, “when just about everything had gone wrong, the government sketched out a vision of the post-war new Jerusalem that they wanted to build, and that is what we’re doing now, in the teeth of this pandemic.”

‘The Government’ you notice. And if you were not quick and knowledgeable, you would have assumed that he was talking about the Tories at that time and was naturally full of praise for what they had done. This is the skilful way he can manipulate words to make you admire, follow and believe him. So let’s correct him here and now. The Government he is talking about was the great Labour government of 1945, which was supported by a huge majority of the British Electorate. The vision of a post war Jerusalem, which they put into practise was written by a Liberal Lord, William Beveridge. I read that report when it came out, as the majority of socialists in this country did. The Tory party at that time, were notorious in their opposition to what Beveridge had proposed and Attlee’s Government eventually brought into being. And let’s spell that bit out very clearly too. It took Nye Bevan, three long years to persuade the rich doctors in the BMA to agree to working with him to establish our NHS. Afterwards he said he had to stuff their mouths with gold. I don’t know what party they belonged to (although I can certainly guess) but they definitely weren’t socialists.

Eventually our long dreamed of and planned for NHS was created and so was our long dreamed of and planned for Welfare State. The Conservative party were the opposition and they opposed it. For Johnson to imply that they were responsible for it as he was doing in that speech, is a lie by implication and lies by implication are called ‘propaganda’.

Shame on you, you odious little man.

10 thoughts on “A little lesson to Johnson on how to tell the truth.

  1. Surely no one will be taken in by that speech, Beryl? Oops, no I almost forgot the Daily Muck readers and sycophants! My little Mummy was delighted to have me as an NHS baby in the Annie McCall Maternity Hospital Stockwell. Sending hugs x

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