The people I could not manage without

are all people that our great leader the Prime Mendaciter seems able to ignore as if they are of no consequence. They are probably typical of all the family carers who are presently looking after very elderly relations who have been in and out of lockdown ever since this pandemic began. If I had a flag I would wave it for them, or pin it to my door, so this blog is my way of waving a flag.

The people I depend upon and depend on very heavily are my two daughters and one of my granddaughters. Here she is doing what she does pretty well every week. Proof reading. She also puts up my blog every week – as well as putting up with me! She is my research assistant, my accountant – coping with my hideously complicated tax return – and my sub-editor. At the moment, she is enabling me to cope with a very complicated middle section to the present novel. On my own I would have reached raving lunacy and given up, but with her beside me we have finally and after a great deal of hard work, completed what we call ‘the dreaded middle’.

And here are my two lovely girls, Caroline to my left with my sister Carole and Mary on the right with me. Oddly enough sitting on the same sofa. Without Caroline two things would not have happened. One is that Charlotte would not be able to come and work for me, if it were not for the fact that her mother looks after her children. But there’s also another reason. When I’d been in lockdown for quite some time, I was reaching the point at which I thought it was not going to be possible to get out for a walk probably ever again. Caroline coaxed me out. She did it as she does everything, very delicately and with a lot of tact. Now she takes me for a walk every weekend, so that rather than dreading being out, I look forward to it and that has taken some doing. Respec’ my third born darling.

Mary seen on the same sofa with me has become my gardener, because the garden it totally beyond me and my housekeeper, because although I can look after myself more or less, I am very, very slow. This too is done in her determined way and is another labour of love. Respec’ my second born darling.

And of course as he is currently telling me, I also have the services of quite a superlative literary cat, seen here assisting with our latest jigsaw puzzle. Ok Dixie, all right, you’re in on the act now. We all know the house couldn’t possibly function without you.

4 thoughts on “The people I could not manage without

  1. Thank goodness for your lovely family, Beryl! I have said before that your girls look like dear Roy. When our little Mummy could not manage in London, we (my husband loved his Mother-in-law), scooped her up and brought her to live with us. It is what families do!

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  2. My lovely son Leo is looking after me at the moment, with help from eldest daughter Louise, and Phillipa, whom you have met, will be popping in over the next week. Lockdown is awful for them all, but I am so glad to have them here while I’m ill. Aren’t we lucky.

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