Our first victory


Our first victory and it belongs to our splendid students who have been out on the streets in unstoppable numbers ever since the doctored results of the A-Level non-examinations were known and have now achieved a government u-turn. These kids are quick and intelligent. They knew perfectly well that the government had deliberately downgraded their results and like plebs everywhere who have been pushed just too far, it has resulted in the start of a revolution. This could be something big. Can you hear me cheering?!


We tried to find a couple of pictures of the huge demonstrations there have been in the streets, but hit the copyright snag. However I’m quite sure that most of my blog readers will have seen the size of what was going on, on their television screens and a lot of them will have been cheering along with me.


What a delight it was to see our Gavin Williamson, our Education Secretary and his side kick Nick Gibb – who incidentally is my MP even though I’ve never, ever voted for him and never would – both having to admit that the government got it wrong. And it is music to my ears to hear journalists and politicians suggesting they should pay the price of their mistakes and resign.

Now the rest of us need to organise and get out on the streets. Watch out for the 3.5% protests on September 5th. They will be in a variety of places but the message will be the same everywhere. It is time for us to show this government that we know what they are doing and that the deliberate lies they posted on that disgraceful red bus are now being revealed for what they were, along with all the other damaging lies they’ve told.


#REVOLT#RESIST#PROTEST – Our splendid young have opened the door for us.

6 thoughts on “Our first victory

  1. So, is anybody resigning? Where was Nick Gibb in all this? Playing with children’s lives was an awful thing for them to do, I will never forgive them. XX

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  2. These are our future doctors, scientists, engineers, inventors, writers etc, and this government were happy enough to ruin everything for them ! Unforgivable. I hate Nick Gibb (my MP too, and no never voted for) and Gavin Williamson, this just shows how low they will go . They should resign over this fiasco .

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