A brace of sisters


I’ve just spent four completely happy days with my baby sister Carole and for part of them with my two daughters Mary and Caroline as well. We were all totally daft and soppy together and I haven’t laughed so much for quite a long time. Carole and I have had a rather chequered life while this lock-down has been going on, because although we could talk to one another on the phone and by FaceTime that’s not the same as being in the same house and the same garden being idiots together!

I have loved my Carole since the very first day I saw her and she’s a very rewarding person to love, besides being very good company, for we share and remember so much. While she was here this time she said she could remember my wedding, which rather surprised me because she was only eight, so I’ve looked out an ancient photograph of us both together on that day. The girl on my left as you look at the picture is my sister-in-law Olive whom I’ve also loved since the day I met her and my little sweetie Carole is standing right in front of me looking shy.


And here we are out in my garden seventy years later and she’s still my little sweetie! On the day this photograph was taken, my two girls were with us as well, hence the title ‘A brace of sisters’ which they used when they put up the other photograph they took which is here along side. What would we do, without the people we love? I count myself very blessed to be surrounded by so many loving characters.

And just to bring this blog to a suitable conclusion, here is another pic we took that evening. A perfect end to a perfect day.


5 thoughts on “A brace of sisters

  1. A beautiful set of pictures of beautiful relationships remembered on a beautiful day together. Yes you have been blessed Beryl. xxxx oooo to you all!


  2. I was thinking of you today Beryl as I drove from Chichester to Bognor on the way to spend an evening with my mother on her 80th birthday. Wishing you well, and it seems you are! I never had sisters by birth though I inherited them through my mothers second marriage. Not easy at first but over the years they have let me in and feel I know something of it, but there is a difference to being born with sisters I have observed, now having twin girls of 6. Love Helen x


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